Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating Mauludin Nabi with ROSULKARIM

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"Some people see things as it is...and ask why?
Swara Bangsa dreams of things that never was...and ask why not?"
 -Datu Tuttuh Ensano-

Swara Bangsa Student Organization (SBSO) together with ROSULKARIM celebrated the Mauludin Nabi yesterday in Mindanao State University at Marawi City.
The celebration was aligned with the symposium, and messages were also given by the brilliant Datus of ROSULKARIM including the Sultan of ROSULKARIM- Sultan Ben J. Kadil, Ph.D.
The symposium were all about the involvement of ROSULKARIM in the strategic planning of governance of Sulu Sultanate Darul Islam.

The speakers are as follows:

>Datu Tuttuh Ensano MBA, MBM inspired us through his inspirational message.
He shared to us his struggling student life and taught us how to write- write the Truth. His poetic approach covered the day with joy.

>Datu Abdel Fattah  Alamhali talked about the progress of United Tausug Citizens,

>Datu Najar shared us to his knowledge in relations to strategic planning of miliatry matters.He also shared to us the story of his life.

>Sultan Ben Kadil who is the head of the ROSULKARIM and at the same time the president of Tubuh Sug Mindanao (TSMA) delivered his Royal message before the audience.

Tausug students which composed the SBSO of Mindanao State University were served as the participants.Some datus of RoSULKARIM also present that day.
Their messages and lectures were very interesting which made the particpants thought and inquired many things.
Alhamdulillah all of the inquiries that revolves in our minds were satisfied by their brilliant answers.

Kuya Alsi Iggo as the official adviser of the SBSO and as one of the ministers in ROSULKARIM together with his  responsible for making the event possible.

Hopefully there will be more event to share with the ROSULKARIM...InshaAllah



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