Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tabang Sulu-USC Tawi-Tawi

During the February Sulu Flood this year, a number of good-hearted individual, friends, groups of youth leaders and student from Tawi-Tawi were among the most active partners we had. Among these active youth Organizations are the UNIFIED SUCCESSORS for CHANGE (USC) and MSU TCTO Students, based in Tawi-Tawi.

With their very own initiatives, they have created a core group in Tawi-Tawi who organized the collection of donations (used clothes, canned goods, some petty cash), and delivered these to Sulu with their own money. 

Indeed this is another 'heroic milestone' done by our 'new generations' of young successors who simply wanted to help and make a change. Once again, these youth leaders had proven to the world, that GREAT THINGS COME FROM SMALL IDEAS. May Allah give them the blessings and rewards they deserve here in Dunya until in the Hereafter, InshaAllah. (Allahumma Ameen).

And InshaAllah, may a lot more of these HEROIC ACTS be multiplied and continue to inspire more lives.


Collecting and Sorting out the goods.

Photos taken days after the February Flash Flood.

To give you some background about the USC, I have attached some 'information' about them.


Our mission is to commit ourselves to finding new and innovative ways to promote our advocacy which are, to inspire and engage a growing base of participants inclusive of racial, ethnic, exposing the skills and talents of the youth, geographic diversity and increasingly and make them become more aware of the world today. We inspire youth to lead. We unite and help to make first steps.


We hope to be an inspiration and partners with youth workers and leaders both in schools and around the province of Tawi-Tawi. Further, we envision the USC website as a “first-aid” to practitioners and parents. USC exemplifies excellence through leadership and advocacy in the field of exchange. Our organization shares a common mission and vision for the future. We seek to set the standard for quality service and support to all our participants.

-USC GOALS- (from FB Page)

      To promote student leadership, youth volunteerism and civil society values in local communities;
      To create mechanisms allowing youth to influence the environment around them;
    To make youth become more confident and exposed to the society for them to be able to help contribute something good to the community;
      To encourage development of civil society in the society through stimulating leadership development of young people;
    To contribute to the establishment and sustainability of governance, leadership and advocacy of peace, changes, environment and others.
      To share and spread USC successful practices from a place to another, institutions and organizations.

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