Sunday, April 10, 2011

Golden Day of the Golden Batch (April 7, 2011)


      Today is the day we are being addressed as "SURVIVORS" and to be more formal ,as "GRADUATES" of MSU MARAWI. We are very, very, very lucky said  MSUS President, Dr. Muslim Macapado. He even mentioned it trice because we graduated as Golden graduates- the Golden Batch of MSU. Mindanao State University is celebrating its 50th year existence as state university in the Philippines (1961 was the year it was founded). 

       It seems that my freshmen days were just yesterday. My four long years stay in the campus had indeed been a rocky road for me. I had seen different dimensions of sacrifices in this melting pot of the south. After a long journey in this foreign land, finally, I survived!

      Do you know why we were called survivors? Basically, when we step our feet to the next  ladder of educating ourselves, we will surely meet MR. Difficult. But here in Mindanao State University, Mr. Difficult has different faces comparing to another Mr. Difficult in other universities and colleges in the Philippines. Here in MSU we are trained like a soldier. We eat, take a bath and sleep like a soldier. We meet many comrades in every combat with our Professors. We crawl to feed our brain. You may think this is a normal nature of learning, but to tell you honestly it is very hard for me to express how rigid our learning here in MSU and I believe a page is not enough to write all our sacrifices. (Just considering that we are miles away from our family, plus the pressures given to us by our so called "Terror Professors").

       Praise be to Allah, I made it to the finishing line. I am through with the sacrifices in college life. But a new life for me is about to begin. I hope and will always pray that Allah will always show me His light . And many thanks to those mentors who build my strength, heart and brain, and of course to my parents who always pray for my safety and success, to my sisters and brothers my sincere gratitude for you. :)

                                                           My beloved Father and A.I.M                                                

                                                     The Tandem: A.I.M & Ahmad M (Anak-iluh)

                                                    Bro Ahmad Benjir from Bangladesh, Bro Ahmad M & A.I.M

                                          The smiling faces of Graduates with Radz and My father

There are eight (8) other survivors from SBSO Tausug. are as follows:

1. Ahmad Musahari (BS Zoology), cum laude & College Best Thesis (BS Zoology)
2. Abdilla Sabaani (BS Agricultural Engineering)
3. Almahrum Malik (BS International Relations), College Athlete of the Year (KFCIAAS)
4. Almajan Ghani (BS Civil Engineering)
5. Ladzhuber Laja (BS Civil Engineering)
6. Fatimah Magbanua (AB Islamic Studies)
7. Manilyn (AB Islamic Studies)
8. Wadzna Kamsa (BS Biology)

Congratulations Golden Graduates!!!
May Allah Guide us all in our next journey in Life!


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  1. Congratulations, brother! Salutes.

    Sulu is beautiful. The Quezon beach, the panoramic view from the Bud datu. I'm yet to taste the native Durian there. In shaallah.

    God bless!


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