Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SBSO: Making a Change


Our main Aspirations here in MSU MARAWI!

Swara Bangsa Student Organization (SBSO)
MSU Marawi City

Swara Bangsa Student Organization or SBSO is an umbrella organization of the different students here in MSU Marawi City, coming from different places in Mindanao (especially the ZamBaSulTa region and also from far areas as Palawan, Surigao, and Davao); UNITED as one FAMILY, helping each other for the sake of ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD, for the advancement of ACADEMIC ENDEAVORS of our brothers and for the SOLIDARITY and DEVELOPMENT of PEACE and COOPERATION among us all.

The main components of the Organization are Tausug, Sama, Yakan and Mapun students.But we do not make any barriers or limitations as to who can beccome a member of this organization. So long as you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the brotherhood, you are always welcome to be a member.

SBSO was officially created in 1994, an off-shoot product of the 'father-organizations' as ANAK-SUG, ANAK-MORO, TUBUHSUG, and TUBUH BAHGU (which dated back from the creation of MSU Marawi in 1961) until it finally became the SWARA BANGSA STUDENT ORGANIZATION.

What are the Activities that we usually do?

> Annual Orientation of freshmen
> Anniversary celebration (every June 12)
> CBP and CPC Tutorials (free and informal)
> Annual Celebration of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha for the Members
>  Participates and co-organize Annual Tribal Friendship games 
> SBSO Enrollment Task Force
> Monthly meetings and bondings

Other remarkable actions we have done:

> Helping our fellow brothers in their studies by supporting him/her in any way we can
> Providing temporary shelter, or place of staying for Tausug brothers who are new in Marawi
> Conducted Relief operations to affected areas in Sulu and other areas during calamities
> Participated in various University activities as Quiz shows and the like, and won some awards.
> Participated in the 3rd Royal Convention of Sulu Sultanate Darul Islam as Student Observers

SBSO Members preparing the Relief goods for delivery

Our Future plans of Activities (InshaAllah):

> Organization of the SBSO Alumni Association
> Conducting SASE reviews in ZamBaSulTa Areas
> Create a SBSO Scholarship Grant for the deserving students
(but we need tremendous support from the Alumni for this to happen)

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